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News archives

10 December 2015
The Board of FilmJUS has heard the President's report on the period following the last Board Meeting.
The Board amended the Statutes of FilmJUS, giving opportunity to establish the section of dubbing authors.
Based on the establishment of the new section, the Board also amended the Rules of Distribution accordingly.
The presidency of FilmJUS appointed a nomination committee for the oncoming Election Meeting, since the Board Members' mandates are soon to expire.
The members of the nomination committee are: Mr. Gábor Dénes, Ms. dr. Gabriella Kiss, Mr. Vilmos Füredi and Mr. Virgil Szilágyi. The Board voted to nominate the current members of the Supervisory Board as members of the Supervisory Board, however further nominees can be appointed later during the Election Meeting.
The Board expresses appreciation towards the President for developing the "new financial system" and unanimously decides to reward the president with a bonus.

10 November 2015
FilmJUS and HUNGART (Society of Visual Artists' Collective Right Management Association) concluded an agreement regarding the collective management of set and costume designers' rights.

29 September 2015
The Board heard the report of the President about the current year. The Board mandates authorises the management to actively participate in the preparation of the upcoming amendment of the Act on Copyright. Therefore the management established a committee including the President, the principal legal counsel, Mr. András Kisfaludy, Mr. János Rózsa and Mr. György Sándor. Their task is to submit suggestions on how to amend the Act on Copyright currently in effect.
The Board amended the Rules of Distribution.
The Dubbing Chapter of the Theatrical Workers' Union, represented by Mr. Dániel Hamvas, presents that dubbing directors wish to receive royalties as dubbing writers do so. The Board agrees with the proposition and requests the Chapter to work out a detailed plan on how the dubbing directors shall join FilmJUS, along with the amendment of the rules of distribution.
Then the President presented the new database system of FilmJUS.

25 June 2015
25% of the blank tape levy collected in the year 2014, which Artisjus is obliged to transfer directly to National Cultural Fund of Hungary, added up to an amount of 1.839.856.461 HUF.  The right holders represented by FILMJUS were affected by this distraction fixed in the law in a rate of 8,23%, the gross amount of royalties in the year 2014 distributable by FILMJUS decreased by an amount of 151.460.228 HUF.

12 May 2015
The Board of FILMJUS, after listening to the report of the Supervisory Board, has accepted the report, balance and notes for the fiscal year 2014 proposed by the president.
It also adopted an amendment to the Distribution Rules. With the amendment - which was intended only for a better understanding of each allocation procedure - FILMJUS complied the recommendations formulated after the control test of CISAC.
The Board took notice of the report on the progress of the development of the new financial software, as well as the results of the CISAC investigation that found the activity of FILMJUS correct and only made a few recommendations on minor changes, which basically aimed to provide broader and more detailed information to right holders.
The Board listened to and took notice of the reports of Filmjus Foundation and Filmhouse Foundation.

24 April 2015
The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) issued an announcement on the management of right holder's data.
Detail from the statement: "HIPO ... emphasizes the importance of that the individual copyright holders (authors) in order to the royalties due to them can be paid, make their contact data available to the collecting societies, as well as in order to obtain these contact details, the collecting societies conclude co-operation agreements with the relevant institutions, organizations, publishers - with the involvement of the persons affected -, which - in accordance with current data protection requirements - could help collecting societies to learn about the right holders contact information, and manage them in order to fulfill their rights management duties."

24 February 2015
The Board of FILMJUS accepted the preliminary report submitted by the President, concerning the 2014 fiscal year (the final report will be submitted to the Board in May, after the inspection carried out by the Supervisory Board and the conduction of an independent audit), as well as they adopted the financial plan of 2015. The Board accepted that from the planned interest income 113M HUF can be spent on operational purposes, as well as after the mandatory collective management 15%, after voluntary collective management 5% handling fee can be deducted in 2015.
The Board amended the Appendix 1 of the Distribution Rules, in which it defined two new genre codes.

12 January 2015
According to the amendment of the Copyright Act which entered into force on 1 January 2012, collecting societies can not engage in direct support for cultural purposes, it is only possible through the Directorate of the National Cultural Fund (NCF), with transferring the amount dedicated to this, indirectly. In accordance with the agreement between FILMJUS an and NCF born on this matter, NCF has agreed to provide support through their own tendering system of to professional film organizations to purposes corresponding with the Support Policy of FILMJUS, while FILMJUS transferred 29.6 million HUF to NKA in 2012. (The contract concluded with NCF in this case, the Support Policy of FILMJUS and the documents generated in the case can be found on the website of FILMJUS.)
On the other hand, the College created for announcing and considering tenders - until its abolition in November 2013 - did not announce any professional film tenders.
Following this, FILMJUS requested NCF to remit the transferred amount, which it categorically rejected.
FILMJUS then took the conflict to a litigious way, in which at the end of year 2014, a not yet final verdict was born on the first instance.
According to this, NCF is obliged to repay the amount transferred to FILMJUS with its interests, as well as the Court ordered them to pay for the costs of litigation as well.
As far as we know, NCF appealed against the judgment.

The competent minister has approved the Tariffs of FILMJUS for the year 2015.

The Board of FILMJUS amended its Distribution Rules on 9 December 2014. The revised document and its appendices can be found on the website. Two members of the FILMJUS management, Zsuzsa Böszörményi and Iván Bánki resigned from their positions, because according to the new Civil Code it is incompatible for the same persons to be the senior officer of the Association and the Foundation founded by the Association at the same time.
They both decided to keep their curator memberships in the Filmjus Foundation. The Board thanked them for their - enduring and successful - activities and elected two new members of the Leadership of FILMJUS in the person of László Babiczky and Ádám Horváth. We wish both of them success in their work.

Zsolt Kovács Kézdi 'Balázs Béla' award winning director, one of the inventors and creators of FILMJUS, dominant personality of its Committee for many years, passed away.
He was one of the founding members of 'Balázs Béla' Studio and board member of it for several years. In 1979 he was invited to the Cannes Film Festival jury. At the end of the eighties, he was the director of Mafilm, then the founder of Hungarian Film Union, then for 19 years the hungarian representative of Eurimages.
In 1992 he was awarded with the officer degree of French Literature and Arts Order, then in 1998 he received the degree of knighthood of the French National Order of Merit.
His memory is preserved.

The Board of FilmJus held an irregular meeting on 19th of December, 2012.
The Board discussed the proposal of the Management, based on the mandate of the former meeting. The proposal was made due to the request of MALÁT (Society of Hungarian Visual, Set and Costume Designers), which members would like to join FILMJUS.
On the other hand, the Board approved some amendments in the Distribution Rules, which were not significant.
The Board also discussed the notification of SZTNH (Hungarian Intellectual Property Office), according to which, it initiated a process at the State Attorney's Office due to the decisions of the General Assembly, approved on 5th of December, 2011.

The Board of FILMJUS held a meeting on 30th of October, 2012.
The representatives of MALÁT (Society of Hungarian Visual, Set and Costume Designers) were invited, who declared that they would like to join FILMJUS as members and leave their present collecting society, HUNGART. The Board mandated the Management to prepare a detailed feasibility study on this issue and present it at the next Board meeting.
The Board approved the amendments of the Statutes and the Distribution Rules.

On the 23rd of March, 2012 the Board of FilmJus had a meeting.
The Board accepted the modifications of the Rules of Operation and Organisation, the Distribution Rules and the Statues (the consolidated texts of these rules can be read on the website of FilmJus) and in addition it determined the rate of the cultural-social support and the administration costs, to be deducted from the royalties, concerning remuneration year 2011.
The Budapest Metropolitan Court ordered the registration of the modifications of the Statues in its decree of the 8th of May, 2012.
In accordance with the provisions of the modified Hungarian Copyright Act, adopted at the end of 2011, we settled the Support Policy of FilmJus in the Distribution Rules, which was approved by the Minister of Public Administration and Justice in his decree, dated the 11th of May, 2012.

FilmJus organised an extraordinary General Meeting on the 15th of February, 2012, when it modified the Statutes of the Society. The new Statutes created a new type of Board and determined this corporation as the highest resolution body of FilmJus. When the new Statues was accepted, the mandate of the former Board, Executive Committee, the President and the former Creation Committee was terminated.
The General Meeting immediately transformed to Electoral Meeting and it elected the new officials, the Board and the Supervisory Board. The members of the Board became László Babiczky, Iván Bánki, Zsuzsa Böszörményi, Bernát László Czető, István Dárday, Ádám Horváth, György Kabdebó, Dr. György Kárpáti, András Kisfaludy, János Mata, László Mihályfy, György Molnár, János Rózsa, Szilveszter Siklósi and András Szolnoki.
The newly elected members of the Supervisory Board are Gábor Dénes, Vilmos Füredi, Virgil Szilágyi.
The Board had its first meeting and it elected Iván Bánki, Zsuzsa Böszörményi, György Kabdebó, Dr. György Kárpáti és György Molnár as members of the Executive Committee and furthermore elected György Kabdebó as the President of FilmJus.
The Board elected Ádám Csillag, András Sólyom, János Vecsernyés, Béla Szobolits és Mária Zahora as the members of the Creation Committee.
We wish all of them effective and good work!
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